Aug 29, 2013

The Edge Mobility Band Review

(Disclosure: This was not a free item given to me for review. I paid for this on my own but I have learned a lot from the creator of this product and that information has helped me and my patients a ton so maybe that makes me biased. If that is a bias I hope I continue this bias for a long time.)

Today I will be reviewing the Edge Mobility Band which is part of the Edge Mobility System by Dr. Erson Religioso, DPT of The Manual Therapist. I have been following his blog for quite awhile now and from the start I was very intrigued by the magical blue bands that he kept using on his patients and in his videos.

I would watch his videos and read his blog posts about the increased function, mobility and decreased pain associated with using these bands as part of his treatment protocol. At the time I was unaware of the Voodoo floss bands so this was my first exposure to compression wrapping for anything other than edema prevention/reduction. I even tweeted at him back in April of this year to inquire whether a poor graduate student like myself could substitute a resistance band for his bands and get the same effect. He answered my tweet with complete honesty and told me that there was nothing magical about the Edge Mobility Bands. He stated that a simple resistance band should suffice.

While there may be nothing magical about these bands there is definitely something special about their construction and design considering that I wasted many hours trying to experiment with resistance bands instead of coughing up $24 bucks for two Edge Mobility Bands of my own. Most of those experiments led to cutting off the circulation of extremities, excessive body hair pulling, and the constant rolling and tearing of many thera-bands. It simply wasn't a feasible substitute for me but maybe it works or would work for somebody that is more coordinated, stubborn or cheap than me.

Aug 28, 2013

Wednesday Quick Links!


This link is to a post by Jimmy Moore on where you can find his newly released book 'Cholesterol Clarity: What The HDL Is Wrong With My Numbers' and includes both international and US locations. I haven't read this book yet but I sure would like to eventually.


Today's second post is an article by Dr. Phil Maffetone and is entitled "Gait 101: Learning to Run More Naturally." This part 1 of a  two part guest post series by him over at the Natural Running Center and is a little lengthy but Dr. Maffetone always seems to have a unique but quality opinion on running related matters.

Speaking of guest posts, Ben Greenfield just did a guest post for Mark Sisson on MarksDailyApple. The title of this post was '10 Rules for Becoming an Ancestral Athlete' and definitely gave me some introspective thoughts while reading it.


Mike Reinold and Erson Religioso have recently put together a course on Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) and you can learn about IASTM from them for cheap at Additionally, Mike Reinold just put together a post on his recommendations for choosing an IASTM instrument to use in the clinic.

Aug 26, 2013

Ten Handy Apps for In The Clinic and On The Field.

I recently got a new phone and I have been in the process of downloading new apps for it. This is my first Android phone so I am getting used to it but it has made me think about how much I use different apps on a daily basis in the clinic, on the field or in the classroom.

This also gave me the idea of telling you all about ten different apps that I find myself using quite frequently. I am always looking for more apps that will help keep me organized and productive so if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below.

I have both an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy S4 so this list will include both android and Apple apps but many are available to users of many different devices. Now onto the list and in no particular order...

Aug 23, 2013

Can Edge Mobility Bands Really Improve Mobility? Let Us Investigate.

Sorry for the delay in posts everybody! I have been busy with a combination of work, working on my thesis, and pre-season football practices. Enough complaining...lets get to the post!

I recently got myself a few new toys to use in the clinic when I bought myself a pair of Edge Mobility Bands from The Edge Mobility System. I am in the process of experimenting more with these bands so I can write an extensive and fair review of them to publish here. Nevertheless, I have already started to find them handy and beneficial when treating my athletes.


I have been using them with great success to increase mobility and decrease pain of a few football players that have been complaining of persistent and chronic knee pain. In particular, I have been using them to increase hip internal rotation mobility and I made a video to showcase this technique with the help of some of the athletic training students that are assigned to me. The student I use in this video also used to be a football player (kicker) in college and is normally restricted with Right (kicking leg) Hip IR especially compared to his Left leg.

I learned this technique from a video made by the owner of the Edge Mobility System products and the author of, Dr. Erson Religioso, DPT. You can find his original video and post of this mobilization here

...Enough jabbering on my part, here is the video. I hope you enjoy it and I can't wait to show you all more!


Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links on this blog are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. I have used all of these products listed and recommend them because they are helpful and are products from companies that I trust, not because of the commissions that I may earn from you using these products.


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