Dec 8, 2014

Movie Monday: A Clinical Pearl For Assessing Great Toe Mobility

Another Monday means another movie to be shared with all of you. This week's video is a clinical pearl to keep in mind when assessing great toe dorsiflexion/extension (whatever nomenclature you like for sagittal plane motion at the great toe). This is especially important when dealing with runners and running injuries due to the influence of the great toe  during gait. Specifically, the ability to extend the hip, achieve terminal stance and proper toe-off. This is another pearl that I learned from Jay Dicharry and his book, Anatomy for Runners/The Healthy Running course.

The major point of this video is that the position of the ankle can have an effect on motion at the toe. This is important to consider because at terminal stance/toe off the ankle is placed in dorsiflexion and the toe must also dorsiflex as well to allow for a proper "ankle rocker" mechanism to occur. Failing to check toe mobility in both positions could lead to an improper assessment. The big toe really can be a lynch-pin when it comes to movement so we want to ensure it can do what it is supposed to do. Have a great day!


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